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Fundacion MAPFRE and IE Business School

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Social Innovation Awards

Scaling Social Impact

We support innovative solutions with a major potential for social impact in which talent, commitment and the use of new technologies combine in order to improve our world and the lives of people living in it. Following on from the success of the first edition, the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation are back in order to continue supporting projects that transform our world.  We want to boost projects which, due to their profile, offer real solutions to specific problems in three areas of activity:
  • Health Improvement and digital technology (e-Health). Projects which improve the culture of insurance and promote behaviors which contribute to creating healthy habits.
  • Innovation in insurance. Initiatives that help make insurance more accessible and transparent for its clients, that improve the service and efficiency of insurance companies and encourage interest in social protection. 
  • Sustainable mobility and Road Safety. Technological solutions which reduce road accident rates, streamline traffic, reduce contamination and/or design more sustainable urban environments.

How it works

  • Online-Application
  • Submit your project by 31 January, in the region to which you belong: Brazil, Rest of Latin America or Europe.
  • Throughout February we will assess whether your project complies with the requirements and can therefore enter the competition.
  • During February and March a judging panel will assess the projects submitted in each region and will choose 27 semifinalists (9 per region).
  • The Semi-finals will take place in June and July in each region.  The nine semifinalists will take part in the grand final in Spain in October. 


Location of the grand final: Madrid (Spain) in October 2019. Prizes for the finalists:
  • Face-to-face coaching sessions
  • Trip and accommodation coverage (1 representative per entry at the location of the final)
  • Press coverage available
  • Membership of the Red Innova network.
Prizes for the 3 winners:
  • The three winners (one per category) will receive a 30.000 Euro cash prize.

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